Scenes From Behind The Scenes

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Changing Reagan's Mind

The Government of Japan I

The Government of Japan II

Kaz Masuda

Barney Frank Says

Redress As Rashomon?


Asia Society interview


Reagan Himself On Video: All Kaz and the 442, No Nitto/JANM Mystery

Redress On CSPAN: Kean and Reagan Face to Face Twice

At Columbia Law School: Why The Camps Happened

JACL 2018 Convention Speech

At FDR's Elite Men's Club



Redress Heroes In The PC

Sparky Matsunaga: No Cub Scout, No Boy Scout

Rose Ochi

Denny, Rose, and John

Angus Macbeth on Aiko Herzig

Hooey and BS


JACL redress video

Redress at the Union Club of New York

Redress on CUNY TV

Grayce and Hiro



Norm Mineta and Alex Jones

Janice and Tom

Right of Passage: Got It All Wrong

Right of Passage: No 442 In HR 442

At JAVA: No Nisei Soldier, No Redress


Mike Masaoka: JACL Origins, JA Identity

Terry Shima on Mike Masaoka

More Shima on Masaoka

More on Masaoka

Gerald Yamada and the Confinement Sites Bill


Scenes From Behind The Scenes

The Rising Sun Event

Why The Camps Happened
Podcast from 5:08 to 26:02

Personal Report
Class of '65 Harvard Reunion Book